Art As Healing: The Power of Expression

Recently, a person contacted me via Facebook and asked a very potent and thoughtful question: What is your view of art as a healing medium? How did you get into Healing Art? Any books, thoughts or recommendations? This is a … Continue reading

Eclipsing Me – Rape & Confidentiality

  Saturday March 22, 2015 began like any other day.  Wake up to the alarm after 4 hours of sleep following long hours the night before.  Make the coffee, shower, dress and ready my brain for the day ahead. I … Continue reading

Poetry – I Hear You On The Wind

Recently, I was shocked to my core by the death of a friend.  While the facts surrounding her passing are unclear and not mine to share, she died much too young.  Like so many struggling with chronic illness and mental … Continue reading

Why Your Inner Child Needs A Voice

Recently, I was asked to produce a piece for an abuse survivors art show.  As a survivor of child abuse, domestic violence and rape, I decided to create the piece as a visual reminder that I am safe.  See, the … Continue reading

Music As A Change Agent

So. . .the Grammys were Sunday night: Part fashion show, part rock concert, part awards show. Madonna made (some?) of us vow to go back to the gym and posed as a confused matador/flamenco dancer. Kanye West took his pro-Beyonce … Continue reading

We Are All Pieces of One Puzzle

In the season of twinkle and light, I have been busy preparing ornaments for shows.  Today as part of WordPress’ Daily Post Photo Challenge, I give you “We Are All Pieces of One Puzzle”.  Humanity is a beautiful puzzle and … Continue reading

*I* Want, I *WANT*, *I Want* – Poem

‘Tis the season and everyone, it seems, has a list of wants:  the latest electronic gadget, jewelry, clothes or luxurious pampering.  I have wants too, but lately they have taken on a much broader scope.  See, I believe that needs … Continue reading

The Haunting of Callayosa: Rape Is Real

Halloween – the haunting time.  A day for costumes, to be anything one wishes to be if only for a few hours, a day for cuteness, scary movies, candy, pumpkin carving, haunted houses and memory making.Growing up I secretly resented … Continue reading

To Those Who Wish Me Silent

Thinking about the stigma that surrounds the concept of survivorship and the timeline of healing that those unaffected by trauma and sometimes, even those who have been, place on our shoulders. A number of thoughts came to mind and I … Continue reading


  I have long believed that struggle teaches us things – that when we are broken and vulnerable, that is when we are more receptive to hearing our soul’s voice. So it has been with me over the past several … Continue reading