Thanks Giving

© Paulissa Kipp's Art of Becoming LLC.  All rights reserved.

© Paulissa Kipp’s Art of Becoming LLC. All rights reserved.

Dearest friends,

As I write this, we are under a winter storm warning for freezing rain, sleet and snow here in Nebraska. This has changed our dinner plans a bit but we are grateful. Grateful to have enough: Enough food, shelter, the necessities of life, love, one another and a diverse circle of friends and family.

I am grateful for another year of life. Another full year of growth and discovery, releasing and receiving. Health and the wealth of rich tapestries of friendship and connection. For enriching experiences that touch the soul.

I am grateful for the challenges because in their complexity, I find simplicity and forge my strength. I am grateful for (civil) disagreement: Therein, we discover our values and recommit to them. When we listen to understand, sometimes our own views change.

I am grateful for ENOUGH: to know that if I have enough, I also have enough to share with others. Grateful for knowing that I am enough, when I have had enough and when I have done enough.

I am grateful for peace in a chaotic world and the knowledge that the energy I release into the world can contribute to peace.

I am grateful for art: color, music, line and form. Therein I meet my soul.

I am grateful for silence: There I meet my self and learn to be still.

I am grateful for activists and advocates: They shine a light on the things that matter and remind us that humanity means meeting others in their dignity.

I am grateful for the life I am able to live and those I am blessed to share it with. For this and blessings yet unknown, I give thanks.

About Paulissaisms

What Kind of Artist Am I? I am an Empress of Creative Energy, releasing truth and beauty into the universe, singed by the fires of Edana and Callayosa. The art I heal with involves color, lines and questions. Questions for which there is no right or wrong answer, only the one thàt moves the spirit and soul of those answering. I bring awareness to the need for social change with line, color, motion, words, camera lens and through strength of spirit and a voice that will not be silenced. I am a Rebel of Intention Presence & Liberator of the Light Filled Shadow ™ : Activist, Advocate, Mixed Media Artist, Author, Mental Health 1st Responder, Peer Support Specialist, Photographer, Truthteller, Whole Health Action Management and Wellness Recovery Action Plan facilitator.

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