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In The Shadows & Out In The Open

In light of recent events in the (Not So) United States, I have been even more reflective than usual about the topics of privilege, bias, discrimination, and injustice lobbed toward many marginalized groups. While there are many instances of this … Continue reading

Art As Healing: The Power of Expression

Recently, a person contacted me via Facebook and asked a very potent and thoughtful question: What is your view of art as a healing medium? How did you get into Healing Art? Any books, thoughts or recommendations? This is a … Continue reading

FLUTTER BY. . .Panic and the Power of Anyway

FLUTTER BY. . . Flutter by Red wings of courage flutter by Calm my fluttering heart soothe my shallow breath Flutter by Red Wings of courage flutter by Soothe the trembling of my hands, my legs, my eyes and my … Continue reading

Grief and Mental Health Part 1: Anger

My most recent blog post at  My mother died August 6th.  Grieving with the mental health diagnosis adds a new ripple in maintaining balance.

Tell Me A Story. . .NOT

  I am honored to be a featured guest blogger in Nicole Suzanne Brown’s Spiritual Wisdom Magazine. The topic? Stories vs. Your Truth. Are you being authentic?    Hop on over, give it a read and then tell me your thoughts … Continue reading

When Sorry Isn’t Enough

“Despair” “Sorry” you say, Hoping to erase the pain, Yet my breath is shallow and my heart is crushing me with each pump of blood. Sorry isn’t enough when ego clouds consideration When the flames of your anger leap to … Continue reading

When You Are All That’s Left

WHEN YOU ARE ALL THAT’S LEFT I have written and rewritten this post a total of 21 times over the past several weeks, unsure what to say and fearful that pain would leak from every pore onto the page. My … Continue reading

How We See It: The Nature of Our Worlds Book Is Now Available!

Bursting at the seams, so I have to share. I am proud to be published in Volume III of How We See It, A View of Our Worlds. This is my 3rd collaboration with a group of 75 artists of … Continue reading

Let Em’ Hate!

Love this from My Everyday Power Blog. Let them hate. When others hate, it means your light is shining bright.

Bruised, Not Broken A Survival Story TRIGGER ALERT

Bruised, Not Broken – A Survival Story   My past has not defined me, destroyed me, deterred me, or defeated me.  I am the face of abuse and recovery.  I have survived child abuse, domestic violence and sexual assault.  I … Continue reading