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  1. Christi Tinkham says:

    I love your words. I am an abuse survivor. The day I was born I’ve been fighting for my life. I’ve seen rape at 3. Abuse and neglect from birth. And all my teen age years I suffered emotional and physical abuse. I’ve been abandoned and placed in foster care. I have fought to break the cycle. I married a man who stole my life. And continues to try. He fractured my skull in 3 places and I suffered acure hematoma. I was nearly dead. 30 min longer. Surgery to keep my alive to my brain. I had identity issues afraid to bare my body and show curves. Anorexia, drug abuse. A baby died at birth. I just lost 4 men I love in 8 mo. 2 this past mo in Aug.

    How does a person become normal after a story like that. Ears ring anxiety attacks panick attacs. ADHD. And severe stress to any social setting especially when life is not even. Writing running painting coloring is not enough. I’m in college to become a psychologist. Then the thought of working for upper people superior smarter friendly loving, scary to me says stop. Don’t do this. But at least if I push I can have my degree?

    • Paulissaisms says:

      Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment. I feel for you and your traumatic lived experience. The short answer is “normal” is a social construct. For those of us with lived experience in trauma and its after-effects, we will never be the same as before those things happened. However, we have amazing strength or we wouldn’t still be here, living our lives on our terms. I have found therapy and yes, meds, helpful for me personally as a tool. Art has also helped but the biggest tool for me was taking peer support specialist training. It helped me to understand my experiences and responses, to build resiliency and to have a support system with similar lived experiences. I then was able to take that knowledge and share it with others, which gives purpose to my challenges. I am holding you inn love and light and encourage you to follow your heart – it won’t lead you astray.

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