Enough of Depression

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This message brought to you by. . .Depression.  I struggle from time to time with depression.  Even when not readily visible, it lurks in the shadows ready to remind me that self-care and self-love are vital.  Depression is a multi-faceted experience.  It is a word with multiple meanings and the experience varies widely from person to person.  The stigma of depression is very real and palpable.  Bias abounds.  Those who have not experienced depression believe they have the magic pill for we who DO experience it.  If we only _________ enough, everything will be fine.  Suck it up, everyone has tough days.  Sure, everyone has tough days but for those of us with depression, a tough day might mean that we have spent the entire day running through our coping mechanisms to no avail, reached out to people for support and been abandoned in mid-sentence because the listener is “too busy” or we need too much.  A bad day for the depressed might mean a day of tears, screaming, cutting, violence, suicidal or homocidal thoughts.  A bad day for a depressive is not simply a bad day as non-sufferers think.

The hazard of recovery is that one’s needs are poo-pooed.  Recovery occurs at varying rates.  What gets lost in translation is that triggers always remain and will sometimes appear when we least expect them.  Recovery does not mean never experiencing a panic attack again, never being overwhelmed by internal or external forces.  Recovery means self-awareness and reduced frequency of crises.

Therefore, the hazard is the ENOUGH of depression.  Where is the healthy side of enough?


Enough of Depression

A rut
A period of time

An economic downturn
A time of sadness or challenge

A feeling of being satisfied
A lack of need
The convergence of depression and enough brings stigma
If we simply prayed enough
Played enough
Slept enough
Believed enough
Were enough
Everything would be OK
If we just
© 2012 by Paulissa Kipp
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