Guest Post: Shooting My Messengers by Shan Watts

Today, I’m happy to welcome my friend, Shan Watts from to The Creative Soulista.  With no further ado, Shan Watts:


It was a hot day.  Just the type of day you’d expect for the second day of Summer.  For the past few weeks I’d been cooped up in my office, working on my first ever eBook , burning the midnight oil and working weekends in order to get ready for launch day.  The day came and everything was ready to go.  I had nothing left to do and as a consequence was suffering a bit from the “What do I do now?” syndrome that I’d often read about on other people’s blogs.  I did a bit more work but I was restless and unsettled.


I’d left writing this post until today because I’d had so much else on my plate and now felt under the pump to produce because I’d promised Paulissa I’d get it to her by this date.  Pressure and I do not work well together – panic tends to set in and pull my focus to everything but what I need to concentrate on.  When my daughter announced that she and a friend were going for a swim at the beach, that was enough for me to decide I needed a change.


I packed up my stuff, bought myself a coffee downtown and headed to the river, 10 minutes away.  I had a pang of annoyance when a woman happened to be sitting at the picnic bench where I wanted to work, but I reconciled myself with the thought that there were plenty more and promptly chose a spot under a huge old maple tree.  With a sip of coffee and a sigh of contentment at my surroundings, I took a couple of pictures and decided to get to work. 

Bega River Area  Image © 2013 Shan Watts

Bega River Area Image © 2013 Shan Watts

No sooner had I written half a sentence than a car pulled up and I heard my name being mentioned.  With great reluctance and trying to disguise the annoyance I felt, I turned off my iPad and settled down to have a chat with a friend I worked with some time ago and her daughter.  We hadn’t seen each other for a couple of years except to wave in passing and while I enjoyed catching up with them I was distracted, still feeling the pressure to write and resenting the intrusion.  Time passed and I needed to head home so that I could give my daughter a lift to work.  As it happened I pulled into the driveway at the very same time she and her friend had arrived and again, I found myself annoyed at this intrusion into my time when I’d envisaged myself coming home and working for at least the next 20 minutes on the article without any kind of disturbance.


My daughter was catching a lift to work with her friend but still, until they got ready and left all I could focus on was the fact that they were wandering around and chatting, intruding on my focus.  I wished that they would just leave, so that I could get to work and be left in peace.  It was only when they left that I began to hear the message in all of this and to feel a little abashed that I’d been so intolerant towards others, even if I hadn’t shown it outwardly.

Bega River Tree.  Image © 2013 Shan Watts.

Bega River Tree. Image © 2013 Shan Watts.

I’ve made a pact with myself to practice radical self-care and yet for the past fortnight I’ve secreted myself away like a hermit to work. I haven’t had much social contact and the little I’ve had, I’ve begrudged because of self-imposed deadlines. It dawned on me that this is the reason why I’ve had so many interruptions this afternoon.


Self-care also involves taking time out to spend time with others.  To interact, to find out what’s happening in the world outside, to clear the way for messages from the Universe so that your life becomes a little brighter and a little more fulfilling because of those very interactions.  As a result I  happily settled down to write this post and the words just flowed.


I’ve sworn to be more thankful for others and take time out to enjoy my relationships with them rather than being so task-focused.  I love my friends and family and want to consciously embrace more of their company, something that I’d lost sight of because of stress. In future I’m determined to embrace my messengers, instead of shooting them.


What is the Universe trying to tell you as a result of your interactions with others today?


Shân wants just one thing in this world – to expand love throughout the Universe by inspiring and empowering women to define and take steps to manifest the lifestyle that their spirit yearns for.  She’s a heart-centred, compassionate coach and mentor who is creating her ideal life on the beautiful far south coast of New South Wales in the Bega Valley Shire, Australia. | |

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  1. Deangelo says:

    Hello, I log on to yοuг blog on a regular basis.
    Youur writing style is awesome, keep it up!

  2. Thеre is definately a great deal to know about
    this tοрiс. I likje all the points уou made.

  3. Mike Stone says:

    Shan is incredibly insightful and a wonderful resource for those who need to clear their minds and refocus on the important simple things of life.
    If you would like to hear more of Shan’s views, She’s features on The Startup Podcast as the On-Air Life Coach.

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