Meeting Andy

Allow me to introduce you to Andy. Andy is 60 years old, mentally handicapped and homeless. He chain smokes like a chimney, walks everywhere and nearly always has a handshake and a smile. He attends my church and is perhaps the closest to God of anyone I know. His litany of prayers for everyone often irritate other members who literally roll their eyes or nod off during his offering of prayers. I often think to myself “He is likely closer to God than the rest of us, because he is more conscious of God’s grace and is the most thankful for it.”
I ran into Andy yesterday when I was working on a paper at my local diner. He stopped to say hello and slid into the booth and bought me a cup of coffee. I thanked him and he told me “You’re always so nice to me. It’s good to have good friends.” He asked me if I would take his picture and promised not to break the camera because “people say I’m ugly, but I think I’m nice”.
How I wish the camera could show his heart – it is so big.
© 2012 by Paulissa Kipp
I am a Curious Lens Goddess, Writer and Artist documenting the world – the beautiful, curious and often overlooked.  I see the infinitely layered world not only with my eyes, but most importantly, with my heart. Find me on Google+:
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