Mental Health: Let’s Talk About It

Mental health comes with stigma.  That stigma is really ironic if you think about it.  Mental illness has been referred to as the “no casserole” disease by Pam Robinson, a psychologist and president of the Anchorage affiliate of the National Alliance on Mental Illness.  It is one of the few illness in which support and lack of compassion and education reign.

The arrival of Mental Health Awareness Month and NPR’s (National Public Radio) Story Corps Airstream recording studio prompted my husband and I to sit down for an extended discussion about mental health.

We were raw, real and honest. There are painful truths in our discussion. We talk openly about mental health, family histories of mental illness and the effect of mental health on relationships. This is a very important conversation. The more we talk about mental health, the more we can help to fix the broken system and recover. Thank you to NPR and the Story Corps mobile Airstream unit for making this possible. Photo credits to David Kipp

Warrior voices matter.  The more we talk about mental health and treat it like we would any other disease, the better outcomes those with mental illness will be able to achieve.

Story Corps:

KIOS (our local NPR station)::

Why mental illness is the ‘no-casserole’ illness

National Alliance on Mental Illness:  National Alliance on Mental Illness

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