No Penny For Your thoughts

Fostering Humanity ©2012 Paulissa Kipp

Each of us, in our own way, has a need for validation.  A need to be able to own his or her own thoughts without fear of another trying to buy those thoughts via influence, coercion or condescension.  Our thoughts are priceless and not for sale.  Even in disagreement, no one has the right to buy our thoughts.  Instead, present the evidence, allow us to sift through the shifting sands, take what we need and come to our own conclusions without trying to impose your value upon our thoughts.  ~Paulissaism

© 2012 by Paulissa Kipp

I am a Curious Lens Goddess, Writer and Artist documenting the world – the beautiful, curious and often overlooked.  I see the infinitely layered world not only with my eyes, but most importantly, with my heart. Find me on Google+:

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