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I am Paulissa

“I am a Rebel of Intentional Presence. I use metaphor, symbolism, line, and texture to combine grit into a mortar mixed with hope that writes its own story.  My work proclaims: “I’m here, I’m here, I’m here, and I will not be erased”.  Presence matters in a world that simultaneously requires us to show up in highly curated ways and yet seeks to hide us away or silence us when we rebel against conformity.  My work challenges that irony.”

The work of Paulissa Kipp cannot be fully considered without pondering the labyrinth she has traveled. Paulissa uses her lived experience with mental health and trauma to inform her activism, advocacy, and art. Combining her love of words, color, and expression, her works expose truth. The truth is that meaning becomes purpose, purpose becomes hope. And HOPE? Well. . .hope writes its OWN story. What’s your story?

Ms. Kipp’s work has been exhibited at the Apollon, Om Center, Howling Hounds , the Lincoln Regional Center, and Sozo Coffeehouse, as well as published in the Art Saves Lives International and Creative Mental Health Guide e-magazines. Her work is in many private collections.

Paulissa Kipp

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