I Do Not Have To Earn Love

I do not have to earn love, I am lovable because I exist. Others reflect the love I have for myself ~ Paulissaism © 2012 by Paulissa Kipp I am a Curious Lens Goddess, Writer and Artist documenting the world … Continue reading

No Penny For Your thoughts

Each of us, in our own way, has a need for validation.  A need to be able to own his or her own thoughts without fear of another trying to buy those thoughts via influence, coercion or condescension.  Our thoughts … Continue reading

Strength & Gentleness

I stopped along the way to take a moment to sit and pray. What should I find looking at me but a strong and gentle soul asking “Do you see?” ~Paulissaism © 2012 by Paulissa Kipp I am a Curious … Continue reading

Whiter Shade

Whiter shade of pale Vibrant colors bleed slowly Screaming bullets fly © 2012 by Paulissa Kipp I am a Curious Lens Goddess, Writer and Artist documenting the world – the beautiful, curious and often overlooked.  I see the infinitely layered … Continue reading

Enough of Depression

This message brought to you by. . .Depression.  I struggle from time to time with depression.  Even when not readily visible, it lurks in the shadows ready to remind me that self-care and self-love are vital.  Depression is a multi-faceted … Continue reading

Meeting Andy

Allow me to introduce you to Andy. Andy is 60 years old, mentally handicapped and homeless. He chain smokes like a chimney, walks everywhere and nearly always has a handshake and a smile. He attends my church and is perhaps … Continue reading

Inherit The Wind

Inherit The Wind Longing inspires many things – stories, poems, songs, journeys and from time to time – leaps into the vast unknown.  Longing gnaws, knocks and batters the heart and mind until the only thing left is change or … Continue reading

You Are NOT Behind

Do not compare your blessings to another’s. You do not know where another had to venture before reaching their current destination. You are not behind. You are simply unfurling your beauty at your own pace and that is brave. You … Continue reading