Phoenix Uprising

Phoenix Uprising

Sing to me of dreams realized
And love fulfilled
A glass half full and a joyful life
Of rainbows after the rain
Of a reason for the pain

The heart is loyal, the mind betrays
The embers burn, the ribbons fray
A cup of courage
Fresh courage take!
Drink long, drink deep
Phoenix, you are only asleep

Awaken!  Rise and take your place!
The sun is shining, show your face
You are love and love is you
Enough you are, ENOUGH are you

Phoenix song on strands so thin
The harp is playing from deep within
Release your fire; let it burn strong
Phoenix rise!  You’ve been asleep too long
© 2013 Paulissa Kipp (April 4, 2013)Image


2 Responses to Phoenix Uprising

  1. Susan Lewis says:

    Just so very beautiful.

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