I believe each of us has truth to share, nuggets of gold that the Uni-Verse needs.  If you would like to share your truth and the gold inside with The Curious Phoenix readers, here are the details:

Submissions should be emailed to:  paulissaisms(at)gmail(dot)com with RE: GUEST BLOGGER SUBMISSION in the subject line.  All submissions will undergo an editorial review prior to publishing.

Your work remains yours.  I retain no rights of 1st publication, etc.  I do, however, ask that you link to and promote the post on your social media pages once published, as will I.  Your work will be seen on Twitter, Digg, Facebook, Google+ and on the blog.  Nearly 28,000 people will view your post.

Your post should be 500-750 words and can be a poem, photo essay or text.  If the images are not your own, please provide a photo credit.

Please include the following:

A brief bio and a photo of yourself to include in the post.
Links to any social media or website presence you may have so that they may be linked to in the post.

The world needs your voice – share it.



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