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Communication and Mental Health Recovery

Communication is challenging for many of us from time to time. For those with a mental health diagnosis and his or her support team, it can be even more imperative. In this audio, I offer some tips for loving communication. 

8 Lessons Learned From My First Ever Camping Trip

Ahhhhhh. . .camping.  The great outdoors, s’mores over the camp fire, sleeping in a tent under the stars.  So romantic – until it isn’t.  This past weekend the hubber aka David, a traveling partner and I embarked on a trip.  … Continue reading

Tips for Lovingly Communicating with a Depressed Person

Tips for Loving Communication with a Mentally Ill Person Don’t tell your loved one that how he or she feels is “selfish”.  You wouldn’t tell someone that he or she doesn’t deserve to feel ______ amount of happiness.  It’s the … Continue reading