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*I* Want, I *WANT*, *I Want* – Poem

‘Tis the season and everyone, it seems, has a list of wants:  the latest electronic gadget, jewelry, clothes or luxurious pampering.  I have wants too, but lately they have taken on a much broader scope.  See, I believe that needs … Continue reading

When Sorry Isn’t Enough

“Despair” “Sorry” you say, Hoping to erase the pain, Yet my breath is shallow and my heart is crushing me with each pump of blood. Sorry isn’t enough when ego clouds consideration When the flames of your anger leap to … Continue reading

Mother Nature Is A Jealous B@!*#

Ice of heart, wind cold Spring arrives, winter shunned, jealousy is bold Hail blizzard in my soul.  © 2013 Paulissa Kipp 4/8/2013 All rights reserved © 2013 Paulissa Kipp 4/8/2013 All rights reserved

Phoenix Uprising

Phoenix Uprising Sing to me of dreams realized And love fulfilled A glass half full and a joyful life Of rainbows after the rain Of a reason for the pain The heart is loyal, the mind betrays The embers burn, … Continue reading