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PTSD And The Lasting Effects of Abuse

As many of you who have read my blog for awhile know, I am a mental health advocate, mental health 1st responder, certified peer support specialist and healing artist.  I do this work because it matters, because the work gives … Continue reading

Poetry – I Hear You On The Wind

Recently, I was shocked to my core by the death of a friend.  While the facts surrounding her passing are unclear and not mine to share, she died much too young.  Like so many struggling with chronic illness and mental … Continue reading

*I* Want, I *WANT*, *I Want* – Poem

‘Tis the season and everyone, it seems, has a list of wants:  the latest electronic gadget, jewelry, clothes or luxurious pampering.  I have wants too, but lately they have taken on a much broader scope.  See, I believe that needs … Continue reading

I Am From: Surviving Trauma and Becoming A Phoenix

Recently, I had the opportunity to speak at the Success, Hopes and Dreams 2014 Nebraska Statewide Behavioral Health Conference.  As part of the advocacy I do with the Truth Leadership Council of the Domestic Violence Council, I offered the opportunity … Continue reading

When Sorry Isn’t Enough

“Despair” “Sorry” you say, Hoping to erase the pain, Yet my breath is shallow and my heart is crushing me with each pump of blood. Sorry isn’t enough when ego clouds consideration When the flames of your anger leap to … Continue reading


“Tell me a little about yourself.” Tongue tied, sweaty palm, raspy voice “Who Me?” So much to tell, so little to share Do I dare to unlock the box To take pride in it all, even the rocks? Braggart! Liar! … Continue reading

Save Me

Poker face, play the smile Gaze at me, steel eyes plead Speak to me of dreams and sorrows Love is time, time is love Save Me A Little Piece of Your Time Save Me A little space in your mind … Continue reading

Once Upon My Time

Someone To Tell Our Story To The story is told by firelight of one dark and stormy night, Of once upon a time Maybe even the nursery rhyme. Lilt and cadence, Letters arranged on paper, with lines straight and curved, … Continue reading

Mother Nature Is A Jealous B@!*#

Ice of heart, wind cold Spring arrives, winter shunned, jealousy is bold Hail blizzard in my soul.  © 2013 Paulissa Kipp 4/8/2013 All rights reserved © 2013 Paulissa Kipp 4/8/2013 All rights reserved

Journey to the Joy Road

Journey To The Joy Road I took a walk along a lonely path paved with hurts of old, Shadows dark and wind so cold blew through the trees so stark The light was dim, although it shone upon my heart … Continue reading