Untangling The Soul Through Art

Pain and confusion are often looked upon as bad things; things to avoided at all costs.  Yet the creative process responds to pain and confusion by drawing us in (figuratively and literally) and asking us to play with it.  Mold pain and confusion into clay, direct it in the form of a line, paint it and release it with letters, symbols and voice.

Our art provides a safe place to examine our hopes, fears, dreams, joys, disappointments and self-image.  Line, color, form, placement, symmetry and asymmetry provide a voice that transcends our current circumstances to teach us about ourselves.  Those lessons are the most valuable.  What has your art taught you?  Leave a comment below and tell us how your life has been changed by creative expression.

Create love!


” Zuntangled Energy” © 2013 Paulissa Kipp

The hearts and butterfly are the dreams of the heart taking flight, the jester hat is for mirth and joy, the mask around the eyes represents the way in which we shield ourselves, sometimes even from ourselves, the sun with the stitch marks is a labyrinth representing the uneven paths on which we sometimes find ourselves, the blue on the left side is the ocean, the blue on the right is the night sky, the goddess in the middle is mother earth protecting us and the red flowers at the bottom are poppies.


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