To Those Who Wish Me Silent

Thinking about the stigma that surrounds the concept of survivorship and the timeline of healing that those unaffected by trauma and sometimes, even those who have been, place on our shoulders. A number of thoughts came to mind and I decide to give them voice in this poem.

To those who wish me silent:

I will not sit down and shut up
About injustice
About abuse
About violence
About mental health and its stigma
About rape and what it takes besides our bodies

To those who wish me silent:

Does my voice make you uncomfortable? GOOD!
Do my words make you ache? GOOD!
Does the word survivor make you uncomfortable?
After all, “we have all survived something if we have lived at all“.
Does my truth assault you?

To those who wish me silent:

I will speak and I don’t need to use my voice to do it
My eyes speak
My touch speaks
My art speaks
My body language speaks
My soul speaks
My heart speaks
I don’t have to say a word

Those who wish me silent:
I still speak.

View it here:

“Unheard Scream” © Paulissa Kipp

~ © Paulissa Kipp 2014

About Paulissaisms

What Kind of Artist Am I? I am an Empress of Creative Energy, releasing truth and beauty into the universe, singed by the fires of Edana and Callayosa. The art I heal with involves color, lines and questions. Questions for which there is no right or wrong answer, only the one thàt moves the spirit and soul of those answering. I bring awareness to the need for social change with line, color, motion, words, camera lens and through strength of spirit and a voice that will not be silenced. I am a Rebel of Intention Presence & Liberator of the Light Filled Shadow ™ : Activist, Advocate, Mixed Media Artist, Author, Mental Health 1st Responder, Peer Support Specialist, Photographer, Truthteller, Whole Health Action Management and Wellness Recovery Action Plan facilitator.

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